4 Very Good


Hifazat is a great movie with action, comedy, romance and family drama. It tells the story of Pran, who is forced to marry again after his Wife Nutun had 3 miscarriages. His second wife Bindu and her brother Kader Khan are there for Prans money. They try to fool him and frame him for murder, so they can inherit his wealth. Pran gets arrested and sentenced, His First Son Anil gets separated and his First Wife gets brutally abused by the family. The movie then moves on to what happens, when they get older.

Anil Kapoor gives a Great performance as usual. Madhuri Dixit is lovable and looks sexy as usual. The late Nutun is one of Bollywood's golden Actress, in a impressive role. Bindu, is the women you love to hate and is good as ever. Shakti Kapoor is great as the evil villain son of Bindu. Gulshan Grover is Funny as the comic baddie. Pran is good as usual. Ashok Kumar ain't so bad. But the movie belongs to Kader Khan. Kader Khan gives one of his funniest performances yet again, he truly is the King of Comedy. He has this famous dialogue used in this film, where he always gives three reasons for every work.

Reason One = I cant remember. Reason Two = Its not so important Reason Three = I forgot......................and again Reason One = Only i know this Reason Two = You know this, so don't ask Reason Three = None of us know.

A Entertaining Movie, that is worth the watch