3.5 Very Good

Heyy Babyy…

Three straight questions – Is it a family movie, as it was touted – NO. Is it one of the best movies made – NO. So is it Hopeless – Again a NO. It’s a movie, which needs to be seen without great expectations and the “simple logic” of having light entertainment. The concept was novel and interesting; however the director has not exactly succeeded in translating it into the desired output. Sajid Khan could have executed the concept in a much better manner. So is it really a Bad one? Not exactly, as for every 4 people not liking it there will be 5 others who will actually like it despite its shortcomings.

First half was better than the second one. It entertains you but few scenes could have been avoided or improved on. One would strongly believe that for a 40Crore film, the cinematography, editing and music should really have been better. Only the title and Mast kalandar songs appeal. Shankar Ehsaan are capable of better showing. Performances are the strong point of the movie. Akshay has again shown his command in entertaining masses as well as classes. Ritesh is applaudable. Fardeen shows traces of No Entry & is likeable. Vidya was underutilized. Boman Irani was wasted. Kid is really cute!

On the whole, movie could have been better if the director was more clear if he wanted an outright comedy or an emotional comedy! Sajid erred big time in emotional scenes and should avoid this turf in future; as he made his actors cry at wrong timings in a wrong manner!! Scripting could have been better. So finally lets sum up asking will this movie succeed? In all likelihood it will. But the credit has to go to Akshay Kumar’s box office clout & popularity and Sajid Nadiawalla’s marketing blitz. Sajid Khan should just feel lucky to be on the winning side. If this movie hits bull’s eye, it will reinstigate Akshay Kumar’s Superstardom with the capability of pulling off even average products!! More brains have gone into making it than heart; so it will win more moolah than critical acclaim!