1 Poor


One of the major strength of original Hero, is its magical music, which is still far far better than this Hero tracks. It seems that either creative team was reluctant or confused while making this flick. Story wise, I could not understand it. Screenplay fetch irritating comedy and out dated love scenes, like male protagonist offers Jacket to female, that is in a club!!! Girl says that "Main Kabhi Akele Khana Nahi Khati" so that boy can join her!!! I didn't get the point, why she started loving him, perhaps for his six packs!! Oops eight packs. I.G whispers in criminal ear but just then pours water on his face in front of every one. What a contradictory behavior!? Film starts with typical super star type fight scene and a dance number. Any actor earns superstardom by time not by showing off. Girls brother sees that her sister is not on gun point or any forceful manner, she is riding as pillion then why did he not prefer to announce on P.A to inform her sister and clear all confusion, just because it has to be interval point!? Film moves to different locations just for showing the beauty of locations not for the requirement of script. You can easily find the bruise mark on male protagonist face, changing places and intensity in song "Khoya Khoya Dil". They took care about bruise mark at least but just forgot about gun shot. Movie is already slow and pre climax makes it just crawling. Performance wise Sooraj Pancholi as Sooraj is as flat as he could have been. Speaking lines is his only performance. Surprisingly Athiya Shetty as Radha looks beautiful in some frames and acts well too. She has a spark. Tigmanshu Dhulia is very good as I.G. Vivaan Bhatena as Ranveer Shekhawat is a damn good actor. Rare combination of good physique with apt performance. Music wise "Yadad Teri Yaddiyann" is melodious.