3 Good

Good performances. Sensitive portrayal of situations. Light hearted moments. Sheer fun. This is how one would describe HAT TRICK which is simply as original as it gets. And yes, we mean it.
Milan and Rajat ensure that their film doesn't get branded into an overtly comic or dramatic outing. There is a right mix as laughs come with as much ease as tears, something that has been a hallmark of MUNNABHAI series. Some of the most notable of them are:

a) Scene in a restaurant where Kunal and Rimmi introduce their parents to each other
b) Danny's frequent questioning to Nana on why he doesn't seem happy in life
c) Danny making Nana realize the values of relationships just before the interval. The best one of all.
d) Pre-climax when Kunal's parents tell him about the secret of a happy marriage, Paresh's wife showing him the mirror about his own sense of racism and Nana breaking down in front of his wife asking her about where did he go wrong.
e) Entire World Cup match faking and Kunal's strip tease in the final

Nana and Danny lead the pack when it comes to performances. Undoubtedly one of their best ever performances so far in their illustrious career, the two steal the show and keep the film together. Danny is a delight to watch, especially when one had got used to see him in mostly negative roles in majority of his films. Here, he gets the smiles coming every time he appears on screen and makes him the most adorable of the lot. On the other hand, in the entire film Nana shouts only once, and that too when he is genuinely disturbed about the condition of Danny.

Paresh Rawal gets to sink his teeth into a non-comic role after a long time and his is the most emotional character in the film. For a role like this, it was required to have an actor who has seen the world and Paresh fits to the T here.