5 Excellent


I didn't expect much when i first saw this movie. I'm a big fan of Sanjay Dutts Recent releases like Vaastav, Munnabhai, ETC. This film was surprisingly good stuff. Powerhouse performance by Sanjay Dutt. Hathyar meaning weapon, tells the story of a small family. Sanjay Dutt plays the son whos finding trouble looking for a job. After his father dies, he is left to support himself and mother. What impressed me about this movie is the way it deals with poverty. The mother and son relationship was superbly acted by Sanjay and Asha. Sanjay realises that he is the man of the house and breadwinner. My personal favourite scene of the movie is when Sanjay goes to desperate measures to provide food for his hungry mum and himself by stabbing his victim in rage for his wallet. Serious stuff..Must See