5 Excellent


just got back from Guru.the theatre was packed.after the movie i got up and turned around and every seat was filled.what can i say about the film?i'm absolutely speechless about what i just saw.what a film.as far as Abhi bhaiyya is concerned,i've become a bigger fan after this film.

Gurukant Desai is a working man.he decides he wants to start his own business in polyester.he's just 15 thousand rupees short,so he marries his friends sister for the 25 thousand rupees dowry.business starts and it's going great until Guru bhai's head gets a little too big and he thinks he's the king of the world.

everything about this film is perfect.the acting,screenplay,dialogues,direction,music,just everything.

memorable scenes:
Guru meeting Construction saab on the golf course.note the expressions on abhi bhaiyya's face.
Guru meeting Construction saab with Mr. Das on the streets.the dialogue by bhaiyya is amazing.i love it."tha nahin,hai,aur rahega. Gurukant Desai."
Guru and Sujata's first meeting on the train.bhaiyya looks a lot like Amitabh in that scene.
Guru and Sujata just before Guru has to leave.
there's many more but it would be giving too much away.

music by AR Rahman is mindblowing.i have much more respect for the music after seeing the film.i had all ready loved Tere Bina,Barso Re,and Aye Harithai but after the film i love every song.lyrics by Gulzar are just magnificent.

this is definately Mani sir's best work to date.everything he's done with the film is just too good.he deserves most of the credit for this film.good work Mani sir!

Aishwariya has given her best performance to date.granted she doesn't have much to do but she was so convincing and played the part so good.
Mithun is a godsend in this film.you can't imagine anyone else in that role.
Madhavan was perfect.this is very close to his best performance.what a performance from him.when him and Mani sir connect there's always a great film.be it Alai Payuthey,the tamil Yuva,and now this.what a performance.
Vidya was just too good.i loved her performance so much.when she sees Guru for the last time i was in tears.excellent job.
and i've saved the best for last.
is there anyone better than Abhishek Bachchan?that's all i could think about after seeing this film.forget HIS best performance but for me he surpassed BOSS!!! i knew he was gonna give a good performance but what i got was absolutely mindblowing and the best performance i've seen in a long long time.after seeing Abhishek in Guru it makes me want to become an actor more.the beginning was great.after he says Sapne mat dekho and the way he looks at the camera is so cool.i smiled.there's nothing else you can do on that part.god the conversion from young to old is such a good job.only a talented actor can pull off that role and Abhishek is a talented actor.nobody else could've been Gurukant Desai.Abhishek for me is now truly the best actor and i'm eagerly awaiting his upcoming films.hopefully after this film all his haters will realize how great he is.if you thought he was good in Yuva he's given the best performance of his career and if he doesn't win best actor award for this film then there is something terribly wrong with this industry.

all in all this is a wonderful film and it's gonna take a really really great film to surpass this one as best film of the year.forget best film of the year this is the best film in the last 5 years!

my rating: simply unratable.it's too too good.