3.5 Very Good


A powerful and inspirational movie...great theme,exciting and motivational plot complimented by the protagonists,AB junior's exceptional top-notch performance...he was the best and only choice...could'nt have been delivered right by none other than him...a marvelous and deserving of honors and accolades effort.Mithun saab was alos fantastic...Madhavan was annoying and a personality of Vidya's calibre and potential was squandered...only inefficiency on Mani Sir's part,moreover her pairing with Madhavan was wrong and uncalled for.Similarly the smooch was not needed and was not only pointless but also mindless and silly!Music is a let down barring the Tere Bina track...has its fair share of flaws and screenplay errors!Climax could have been slighty different...some supplementary scenes would have been good but then again there was the length factor.A good movie overall,worth commending and recommending!