1 Poor

Guddu Rangeela

Director is himself writer too. He was so confused about this movie that should he treat is like a comedy or serious film. Yeah, Issue was serious but approach was confused. He tried to stuff comedy in action scenes too without thinking about the gravity of screenplay. Even promo and title were promising comedy and melody with slight pinch of action but movie could not offer anything due to its bad characterization. A normal orchestra singer turns into a super fighter with extra skills of shooting as well muscle flexing in climax!! A brutal person, who makes sure to kill every couple who go against the marriage system of Khap Panchayat, leaves a wounded male. Writer even didn't bother to clarify about his survival, which is the main plot of movie!! That brutal person first time shows his mercy to girl because makers have planned to take her in pre climax! Very bad characterization indeed. Screenplay is very routine. How can anyone thinks excuse of toilet for running away!? Gone are the days of such lame imagination. Film's look is very real but characters are typical fake. Locations establish some seriousness but characters try to cater comedy. Outcome is irritation. Love song is better than the love track. How one can establish love by boys saying sad story to girl and then she offers shawl to come him inside because its cold!? Was he mentally retarded to go out in cold without any shawl or jacket!? Film shows as if only corn is available food in Shimla, always roasting on fire or taking its seeds out. Climax is so boring and irritating. Only two persons can take over the complete army of ruthless killers!? Even how male protagonist were sure that they have to be taken over to a rock crusher factory!? Performance wise everyone is just OK. Music by Amit Trivedi's "Mata Ka email" and love song "Sooiyyan Chubhne Lagi" are good.