2 Average

Golmaal 3

OMG worst of the 3 Golmaal movies. i was seriously not excited for this movie i knew this would happen. there are some scenes which will give you couple of laughs but the story is terrible. Golmaal 1 was good, Golmaal 2 was nice with good humour and average but likable plot. this one has average humor but terrible and out of nowhere plot. for that reason stop calling it a sequel. adding couple of new character and a completely new story did not saved it from being one of the worst indian comedy.

i am deeply disappointed from Rohit shetty. story, plot, screenplay is terrible, good humor but you can't just rate it higher on that basis. Music was below average. i however enjoyed those over the top action sequences for which Rohit is known for. towards the end it gets little good. Ajay was lost in this movie but good acting, Tusshar was awsome, Kareena was good but character was lost, the other guys were decent. Mithun Sir could have been much Good but i blame this movie.

if you like not just a silly action comedy with terrible story but good and crazy laughable situations ten go watch it or other wise for someone like me, this was a not so good idea. Diwali releases this time were bad. Action replay 2.5 stars and this one 2 . :(