4.5 Excellent


His Royal Heighness Aamir Khan,(Yes! He is the King) has shown once again why the best in the business never need to say so! Ghajini is amazing ppl. The action, the emotion, the romance...its all A+...
From the first scene itself, we get hooked on. The action takes a lull as Sanjay(Aamir) blanks out on whatever happened, then the uptake is agin electrifying and all this happens in a span of minutes!!
The Diary being used as a medium of flashback was nice, the entire sequence with Asin is just gr8. Asin deserves the best debutante this year! Her expressions are at par with Aamir and her character comes across as such a sweetheart that seeing her being murdered hurts even more. Jiah Khan does a brilliant job as well.

Ok so the violence is slightly on the higher side, but the story demands it and it is not out of place. There are scenes which make u squirm, but are well executed.

The stroy is very interesting. Sanjay Singhania, owner of a big cellular company falls in love with a junior actress, Kalpana(Asin), but doesnt reveal his true identity to her. As their love story continues, they come really close. Sanjay decides to tell her everything once he returns from London. In the meanwhile Kalpana helps some girls to safety on her way to Goa and gets the troublemakers arrested. Its turns out to be the work of a very influencial personality, who then decides to murder her.
The night Aamir returns from London, he goes to Asin's house to find that she is stabbed. He is then hit by metal rods on the head, and Kalpana is brutally murdered in front of him.
Due to his head injury, he now suffers from short term memory loss, his memory remaing for only abt 15 mins. But Kalpanas last words are fresh in his mind, and that is the name of her killer-Ghajini! He is set out for revenge against a man he does not know, with memories fading out every 15 minutes....His journey of revenge and Jiah Khan's pivotal role in helping him as a medical student keeps audiences engaged throughout the movie....
Excellent music, undoubtadly, by AR Rahman, keeps the pace between two scenes as well.
All in all, MIND BLOWING!!!