3.5 Very Good

Gabbar Is Back

Gabbar is back is an action film with a social theme.But if you compare this film with previous Akki's social action films like Holiday and Baby then it is inferior to them.The theme of the movie is noble but its presentation is weak.The biggest problem here is the impuissant and predictable plot which has not been developed nicely.The movie raises the topic of corruption but the script of this movie itself is corrupt and heavily borrows from various movies of the genre.The script is not good enough to sustain this movie and its serious and thought provoking content.The plot also contains some loopholes.Still the entertainment quotient of the film is high,so it manages to engage you for 2 hours.The scene in the hospital,kidnapping of villain etc. are some scene which has been executed nicely.

Akshay is a dynamite and if you want to know why then just watch this movie.His look and dialogue delivery is unblemished.He looks very agile in action scenes and due to his friskiness the beyond belief action sequences looks so persuasive and reliable.Shruti dances well but has nothing to do in this movie.Kareena is unexceptional in a small cameo.Sunil grover was superb.I liked his acting as he acts so believably.Jaideep was ordinary.Suman does the same things he had done before.

Direction of the movie is nothing special and is ordinary.While watching the movie,i felt like i am watching a dubbed south Indian movie.Music of the film is good.The item song is sizzling.Action choreography is awesome as the action sequences are very good.Editing is also good.If a little attention was paid to the script,then the movie would have been more sharper and tenser.

The climax of the movie looks like a forced one.Still the movie manages to convey the message to the audience while not being too preachy.

Gabbar is nothing new but is passable flick due to its well choreographed action scenes,Akshay's amazing acting and its fast paced screenplay.If you are a fan of Akki then its a MUST WATCH for you.Otherwise its just an above average action flick which is a treat for mas-ala and hardcore action lovers.The movie was supposed to be a hard hitting social drama but fizzles due to its feeble writing.

6.3 out of 10 is enough.