2.5 Good

Gabbar Is Back

After the success of Rowdy Rathore and the recent Holiday Akshay returns with yet another south remake. This time of A R Murgadose's Ramana(2002) which was remade in Telugu as Tagore. The film is directed by A south director Krish who makes his directorial debut in Hindi films. The film more or less replicates the original Ramana and is hardly different, except perhaps Akshay's look which is not like the original. Also he has no children in this film. The film is quite crisp and watchable but at times drags and also it's predictable. Also the director succumbs to the need of adding an item song, over the top action.

Direction is okay Music is nothing great except Teri Meri Kahaani Stunts are over the top yet Akshay does make it most look believable.

Akshay Kumar after the riveting BABY is back with a south remake and he does well in his role but it's nothing new, yet must say Akshay can carry off action scenes flawlessly and can give younger aspirants a run for their money Shruti Hassan in a stupid role is hardly convincing and annoys Suman Talwar as the villain is yet another addition to the list of South villains with dubbed voices making an entry and he is hardly worthy enough Sunil Grover leaves a mark in his role, Kareena Kapoor makes a fleeting appearance in a song, Jaideep Ahlawat is good as the cop rest are all okay