4 Very Good

Gabbar Is Back

GABBAR IS BACK- From start it was clear that the concept would be good as the movie was a remake of south Indian film which although i haven't seen but had been directed by A R Murgadass who always makes conceptual movies. But the fact is that Murgadass could have been the only director who can pull of commercial Masala action movies having strong messages. Unfortunately he didn't directed the bollywood version. In place of him we got KRISH another south Indian director who although have given some good movies to south India but doesn't know the nerves of Bollywood audience. As a result we get a movie which would look totally a South Indian flick if Akshay Kumar was not playing the lead role. The Director and specially the screen play writer should have given extra effort to transform it to Bollywood. The story was simple, a man or you can say an organization fighting against corruption which the trailers shows , and the way of their fighting was not Gandhi type rather they go Bhagat Singh way. This is not the first movie which shows angry hero fighting against the corruption so with the plot you didn't get anything new. In fact you didn't even get special Akhsay Kumar jokes to get entertain(BABY being a non commercial serious film had Much more jokes on both quantitative and qualitative basis). If you ask whats there to watch in this one , then i would suggest two of the most highlighted things of the movie. First one would be the HOSPITAL sequence in which Akshay plays a little game to bring out the corrupt Doctors. And 2nd one would be SUNIL GROVER in the whole movie(remember Gutthi from Comedy With Kapil). Mr. Grover is full of talent , and that too not only in the department of comedy but also as an honest cop who doesn't get enough recognition , trying to make his special place in the Police department . Akshay in the action (obviously) and non action scenes was good. But here also he was doing the same thing he has been doing from years. Don't ask about the women characters as they have been ignored totally by the script. I am shocked with the casting directors who cast Shruti Haasan (a very average actress) in the lead role and Kareena Kapoor (a really talented actress who even had a great chemistry with Akshay in the past) in a cameo. Same goes for Villains who were not good enough for being the topic of discussion , nobody in the movie even gave a good competition to Gabbar. Gabbar has achieved everything with ease as per his plan. Songs were not too many in amount (only three in the movie) and two of them are beautifully picturized (except KUNDI MAT KHADKAO RAJA which was badly picturized , written and performed). And yes , thankfully the running time is short so one thing that it doesn't do is making you bore. If i would compare this to any other Masala action entertainers with big star then i would say Singham Returns was a little better then this. Now its time for Akshay to understand that he is wasting his acting talent in average movies. 6/10. By ANuP APu KuMaR