3.5 Very Good


A lower-caste male falls in love with an upper-caste princess.

In order to disprove the prophecy of his Raj-Jyotsi, the Maharaja sends his soldiers to kill every newborn child in the region. One lower-caste woman (Ratnamala) hides her male baby in a basket and sets it afloat. The child is then found and adopted by the childless wife (Praveen Paul) of upper-caste Thakur Ranjit Singh (Uma Dutt), and named Amar. 18 years later he grows up to be a muscle-man (Dara Singh), comes to the rescue of Rajkumari Padma (Mumtaz), is welcomed by the Maharaja and hired as a developer, and both fall in love - much to the chagrin of Mantri who wants to wed her. He finds out about Amar's low-caste birth, complains to the Maharaja, who not only has Amar but also his biological mother as well as foster parents jailed. Amar is then pitted against several wrestlers but emerges victorious. Mantri then uses deceit by drugging him, has him chained, and used as a captive slave abroad a ship. When Mantri proposes marriage with Padma, the Maharaja refuses, and the former has him imprisoned, takes over the kingdom, and is all set to forcibly wed Padma.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)