4.5 Excellent


Madhur Bhandarkar takes us through the glamourous but ruthless world of fashion. He gets every bit of detail correct. However, the movie was a bit long and could have been shortened. Priyanka and Kangana deserve standing ovations for their roles as models who lose everything in the fashion world. Priyanka made a nice transition to a small town girl to a big city brat. Kangana also needs to be credited for her acting as a drug addict. Mugdha Godse is super hot and delivered a nice debut. Arjan Bajwa, too, delivered a nice debut. All the gay fashion designers did extremely well on their part. Suchitra-Pillai and Kitu also delivered strong performances. The acting in this film is just simply flawless. The story of this film is amazing and very interesting. All these elements are what makes it so interesting. If you have not seen this film, I request you to go!