4 Very Good


quite an impressive album by salim-sulaiman [the same men that gave us the incredible aaja nachle]...it starts off wit an average track Fashion Ka Jalwa...the only highlight of the track is sukhwinder singh who gives an outstanding rendition [as always]...next up is 1 of the best songs of the album: Mar Jawaa...its a beautiful lounge-feelin song thats also sung VERY well by the girl [n the guy sounds very much like shaan in the bacground vocals]...STRONGLY recommended...followin it is another fabulous track: Kuch Khaas...mohit chauhan is a fav of mine n its also a gr8 composition n therefore a grand success! the remix sounds better btw [STRONGLY recommended]...Ashiyana is an OK song which is a decent composition n has a strong KK feel 2 it [not a bad rendition @ all by salim tho]...finally comes the Theme which is also a very nice composition...the Remix is strongly recommended 4 this 1...in all: its a buyable album thats worth yur $...go out n get it guys!