1.5 Average


Drona is a flick very different from others and we expect it music much as it should be positive to watch the film too. In the past, in terms of its cost, all big film is having a great music, like Singh is King, Om Shanti Om, Krrish, Dhoom II, etc.
Drona, is the title track which is ok, sometime melodious. But its isn't enough. Its wont give you a nice impression from its first listening.
Bandagi, is foot tapping track which is decent to listen. Sunidi Chauhan back now to the action. Well,the trun down again on lyrics, its really difficult to undersatnd. What's Oop oop cha????
Nahne Nahne is a bit emotional seems to be better with film. But its too sad that Sadhana Sargam comes again but nothing rocking in this slow track. Well... average at it best.
Khushi is the worst track of the album and its memorable forgottable track of Drona. The people who loves music, don't listen to it. You will hate the music.
So... Drona is a real disappointment for Abhisheak-Goldie- Priyanka. The music can be much better, higher and bigger. Its not even enough to be an decent fair. If you don't want to be regret, don't waste your money by buying this album.