3.5 Very Good

Don 2

Remaking a yesteryear cult movie is a difficult task and Farhan Akhter did it with Don-the chase begins again.but making a sequel to it arises enormous expectations among the audience.Don 2 is easily one of the most eagerly awaited of the year.the story writers have given don a new vision.the story moves on from where don-the chase begins again ended.but does the screenplay also works?lets have a look ! the first hour is good.there are many exciting portions in this half.but its the second half which takes don 2 completely to another level.
sometimes the pace slacks but otherwise don 2 is an engaging and thrilling affair.dialogues are superb.background score is quite catchy.music should have been better.action is a high point of don 2.stunning locales are captured beautifully by the cameraman.direction by Farhan Akhtar is one of his best works.
Shahrukh Khan is the lifeline of Don 2.his persona ,his charm and his naughty streak works so well and captivates the viewer.Don 2 surely belongs to SRK.Priyanka Chopra is superb.however one wishes she would have been given a meatier role.Lara Dutta has very little to do and she does a quite fair job.Kunal Kapoor is good.Boman Irani is competent as always.Om Puri Is alright.Aly Khan is natural.Nawab Shah is fair.Sahil Shroff is average.Hrithik Roshan shines in his cameo.overall,DON 2 is one of the most engaging and stunning thrillers of our times.Recommended !!