3.5 Very Good

Dhoom 2

DHOOM:2 (D2), one of my most awaited movies of 2006. I liked Dhoom because it had the right amount of gloss to make up for the lack of content. With D2, things get bigger in scale - lesser content, and increased gloss.

Let me sum up the movie in one line before I begin to act like ‘Critic Roshan’ - it’s a good watch, provided you leave your logic outside the theatre.

D2 belongs to Hrithik Roshan all the way. His look, action sequences, dances, makeup, are all perfect. He brings conviction even to the most unconvincing scenes. In fact, he looks more like a superhero in this movie than he did in Krrish.

Overall the movie is like one of the Mithun-era movies where things happen not because the story demands it, but because the director wants it. It seems like Hrithik has carried over his supernatural powers from Krrish. Bipasha’s character has no meaning in the movie. It comes and goes without a reason. Uday Chopra is the same as in the original. He and everybody else in the movie (minus Abhishek) has worked hard on their bodies. Uday must have told Aditya Chopra (Producer) ‘bhaiya bhaiya, mujhe Bipasha ke saath kaam karna hai’

Aishwarya needs to take acting classes asap. Somebody needs to tell her that looks cannot compensate for good acting (I can feel Aish-fans declaring a war against me). She is not convincing at all in her role.

Now that Aish and Abhishek are dating, maybe Abhishek can teach her acting, and Aish can give Abhishek the much needed dancing lessons. He is pathetic in the only song he dances to.

- Excellent look and glamor throughout
- Hrithik Roshan does a very good job
- Stunts and makeup are A class

- Most of songs are not justified in the movie
- Average screenplay
- Length of the movie (first half is much better)

Watch it in the theatre!