4 Very Good

Dhoom 2

[b][SIZE=14]MY REVIEW!![/SIZE][/b]

I have ONE word to describe this movie:

I dont mean just HOT, i mean SIZZLING, BURNING, ON FIRE kind of hot!!! This movie is exactly what I expected, nothing more and nothing less. It's a perfect entertainer/popcorn flick whatever you want to call it! It's just so much fun to watch!

I think everyone knows its a cops and robbers story so I'll get straight to the rest.


Abhishek- Looks totally lost in this movie. I mean he's ok in a few scenes but he's the most BORING of the entire cast and infuses NO life into the character. Also, he doesnt look like he belongs to DHOOM 2. While the rest of the cast (even Uday!) have amazing bodies and look fantastic, Abhi looks frumpy. Disappointed!

Bipasha- She is just too hot!!! I love her as the cop she was really awesome...her intro was GREAT! But as Monali I didn't like her as much. She's completely thrown to the backseat in the second half and doesn't get much scope. Impressive in the first half, decent in the second.

Uday- Just like the first Dhoom, Uday has the best one-liners and gets the most laughs from the audience. Rarely he gets annoying but most of the time he's really funny. Great job, very entertaining character.

Aishwarya- MAN OH MAN...WHAT CAN I SAY?! She looked SOOOO hot! Even though she comes into the movie only a bit before interval she leaves a definite Aishwarya stamp on this movie. Ash has scored fantastically in what is a completely new avatar for her. The only thing she could have improved on is some of her line delivery. But she totally lived up to my expectations. AWESOME!

Hrithik- DHOOM 2=HRITHIK. That's all there is to it. D2 would not be possible without Hrithik's BRILLIANT performance. He is absolutely fantastic and there is not even ONE aspect I can think of that he could have improved on. He is the definite scene stealer of the film. PERFECT PERFORMANCE!

The Hrithik-Ash chemistry is sizzzzzzzzzzzzlinggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to be the hottest new pair and im sure theyre going to get tons of offers together after this. And the kiss...you just have to see it for yourself! It's not a french and its not a peck...its more like he kisses her....just TOO hot. All their scenes together set the screen on FIREEEEEEEE!

Best Scenes:
-Hrithik's heists
-Abhishek and Hrithik realise each others' identity
-Ash and Hrithik meet for the first time
-Climax scene
-Ash and Hrithik gun scene...SO GOOD!

The songs all look great on screen, my favourite being Dhoom Again and Crazy Kiya Re. I wish Touch Me had better coreography though, it could have been a hot song. Costumes are fantastic, except for Abhishek. Everyone is presented in a different way and it looks great. The makeup is absoloutely AMAZING...Hrithik's disguises and even Ash's are soooooooo amazing! You just have to see it to believe it.

Overall this movie is a COMPLETE entertainer. It has all the characteristics of a "masala" film, and more. All I can say is...everyone GO DHOOM AGAIN!