2 Average

Dhoom 2


That's all I have to say about that movie. It was good, but definitely didn't live up to the first. Then again, you can't do better than the first. Shrek 2 definitely was, but you're dealing with a completely different industry.

So, the two guys are back in action once again. This time, they're after Mr. A (Hrithik Roshan), the thief who's trying to make his mark all over the world. His next attack, is Mumbai. To help ACP Dixit (Abhishek Bacchan) and his right-hand man Ali (Uday Chopra) is Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu). She went to college with Jai, and is a rival for Sweety and a hopeful romance for Ali.

After their attempt to catch Mr. A fails, they venture to Brazil, where Mr. A makes his next target in Brazil. Mind you, this is the first movie made in Brazil. There, Mr. A takes up his new partner, Sunehri (Aishwarya Rai). Small twist? Sunehri helps out the cops as a way to settle her debt to him.

The movie in itself wasn't bad. Great action shots, and funny comments made by the loveable Ali and great dance moves were all in there -- just like the first movie. However, what was really missing in Dhoom 2 was the Dhoom itself. You have to admit, what made the first Dhoom the best was the use of motorcycles and the fast-paced action. That's what is lacking in the second movie -- until the end. Hrithik's use of high-tech inventions and roller blades makes the movie a little less fast-paced as the first one, and that's why I say it didn't live up to it's title's name. One thing I will say that was just great about the movie, was the makeup. The effects the make-up crew did on Hrithik's disguises were just awesome. Very well done.

The actors did a great job. Abhishek as usual, was awesome. So was Uday in his portrayal of Ali. His funny quirks were what made his character most loveable. Bipasha did a good job in her first double-role, playing Shonali and her twin, Monali Bose. Hrithik, I feel, excelled in his role as Mr. A, as well as a dancer. His moves in Dhoom Again were awesome. A man with a body of rubber. Aishwarya was.. okay. I didn't think she portrayed her "street" style thief well. I think she was a little unconvincing as a thief -- too pretty? I felt.

It was good overall, the ending I didn't like too much. What I found most odd was that there's a lawsuit being filed against the movie because the kissing scene -- which was really a minute long --was apparently "too obscene" for them. That's a little ironic, I feel, because they can take two grown ups having sex in Salaam Namaste, but they can't handle a little kiss?

I would watch the movie, you should, for the songs and high-tech heists. Don't have any high expectations that it'll be better than Dhoom. But without comparison, it's good. Enjoy!