4 Very Good

Dhoom 2

Let me start by saying Hrithik is a delight to watch in this movie, he is a proving himself to be a prominent actor, he is very suitable for the role and obviousally has done his best for the movie. He made the movie interesting. Uday Chopra was made for the role of Ali, he was born for it, he is excellent and delivers great comical timing.

Ashwariya is a "like" a bit wayward and i thought was hopeless in this role, she didnt attempt to give it her best, maybe she is better cut out for hollywood. Her kiss with Hrithik was a dissappointment to watch and it could clearly be seen that she was not even in character. Bipasha is a strong actress who has a lot to prove but unfortunantley i believe she has not done her best for this movie. Both the lead actresses portray a glamorous image, which is great but they both lack the acting skills the strong characters demanded.

I felt the action was excellent and was the best thing to happen to indian cinema, it was not only pictured very well but it was out of the ordinary which made it a delight to watch. People felt that it got unrealistic at times, well whoever is looking for realism in a movie please do not go to the cinema Hall, unless its for non fictous movies. Abhishek is probably the character that is the most blown pout of proportion, his role was more cool and calm in this part, however he is able to portray his acting skills to an extent and limited ability.

Overall, i feel the movie is excellent and very hollywood, instead of bolloywood. I feel that the director should be applauded except for the kiss, which could have been pictred so much better. Ashwariya was totally out of character for that shot, Hrithik delivers perfection in every scene, which was great!Udhay is hillarious and Bipasha serves as the "Masala" of the movie so she does her part. MUsic was decent and picturised really well in the movie. I feel it is definantely worth another watch!