2.5 Good

Dhoom 2

Does Dhoom 2 meet expectations ? YES & NO!! In a nutshell Dhoom 2 lives up to all the glam, stunts and gadgets that are promised. But in terms of storyline and content i feel it has not really surpassed its predecessor.
The locations, editing and stunts are one of the few reasons for watching this on the big screen. One of the few hindi films I have seen that actually require the foreign locations.
Performances Hrithik is the show steeler, the look is great, acting not so bad though the love scene with Ash may have been slightly over done. Abhishek was slightly disappointing. He loks overweight (may be due to shooting for Guru) his clothes look out of place and acting is anything but that we have seen for the Junior B. Uday is great, comedy value and timing is fanatstic. But how many more Dhoom's can YASHRAJ keep churning out.
Ash is average, nice to see her back in a masala flick opposed to the pivotal roles she has been playing of late. Bipasha looks tremendous though role wise was pretty wasted especially her second role as Monali (this could have been carried off by a lesser actress i.e Malika Sherawat.
On the whole Dhoom 2 is worth watching but I feel that some if not most of the public may feel slightly let down by what's on offer. Though dont wnat to take anything from the finishing and execution of the film which is good.