1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

My Review what should i write about this film. I went 2 see the film with a mountain big expectation, some braith taking action scence, some shout of comedy, romance and hi-tec drama..................
but i m more than disappointeddddddddddddd after watching this movie. for any movie t work it should be required a story. u cant make a film without a story with help of big star cast, bikini babes, massive marketing statergy. This movie is a big piece of shit.
Tell me onething what bipash basu doing in the film and in the double role
i realy not understand why this guy TARAN ADRSH given this movie 4.5*.
yes the action scene is nice but there is no logic in that i exlane u
1) in first scene where ROSHAN and up on the train how he go into the train and went out of it. And after robbery of crown why the spy does not stop the train and fight on the running train.and after he kill all the spy how he went out of the desert with the help of sketing boad.
2)now it time for ABHI when he come from under the water (i dont know how he manage to be under the water with his scooty) he shoot two bullets from his gun and three men get killed. How it is possible buddy.
3)now it is robbery for dimonds. how roshan went in to position of the statue how he went out that place after he robb the dimaond in the tight security around the dimond in the day.
how it is possible that not any of the gard moving around and not any budy cant able to see the machine that robb dimaond. (i think so the gard are blind)
4)then it is time to robe the talvar. around it there is a lesor ray so if any buddy try to take it the laser ray are broken and the current pass into the person who is there. (roshan told to ash) and in the next scene he throu the coin in to the ray and nothing is happen. whyyyy
and then ash took the talvar and up with the help of wire fine. but what happen to the roshan he is trapped by the cops surround him. and in the next scene he is out upon the tarias.
hey buddy how he came out from the cops yaar no verification (i think so the director is thinking he is still a super hero from krrish)
5)now it time for final secne the chase scene when roshan and ash on the bike follow by the abhi and uday into the helicopter fine. but when the bike (roshen) went into the turnel the coppeter goes over the turnel on the otherside. But in the next scene the abhi and uday came upon the bike from the helicopter on the starting point of the turnel it shoul be come from the opposite side of the direction of the roshan bike is moving.
so what a crap it is.
i cant stop laugh while watching this all scene. this more like a cartoon film rather then action advanture film.
what is bips is doing in the film and in the double role.
what is role of uday and abhi in the film
this entire film belong to the ROSHAN he take a film on in to his sholder.
sanjay gadhvi what ur thinking while making the film. i think so u r not wearing ur thinking cape
so please dont go to watch this film dont waste ur money and time just take dhoom 1 DVD and watch it in ur home