5 Excellent

Dhoom 2

This is the film...which can called really as a full Hrithik Film...Hrithik gives his Best...From the 1st scene...he was showing...who is he..what for he..just awesome...those who...telling that..the film is crap !!! bogus..i think they allways go to the movie hall for putting up any wrong..any small & small things from that film..actully they dont go there for entertaining...So i think they are wrong from there point of view about DHOOM 2...iTS BECOMING a big hit...isnt it ???

Hrithik & Ash perfect match...the scene "The conversation between Hrithik & Ash"...is awesome..fab.

The concepts of this film...is unimagible...when hrithik goes for the Diamond...the scene is Unforgetable,useing of the magnetic power on the road....Really like Hrithik words in this Film..."It is Perfect".

Dancing.....mind blowing man...ROCK ON...We really want this type of movie...where we r not bored.

Costumes are very very very good.

Abhishek is so-so.
Uday is as good as Dhoom.
Bipasha is too HOT...here i think i have to tell you that..this charecter dont need in this movie.
Ash is like rapchi+modern type girl...and she is cool,hot & sexy...he is also perfect in this movie.
The film dont bore us from the 1st scene.The makeUps are as BEST as Hollywood like makeUps.Totally amezing.I can say that songs are good.But Crazy Kiya,Dil Laga Na & the mostly Dhoom Again is AWESOME.

Last of all those who telling that they missing John and Bike cheasing..for their kind informations...1stly director,producer told at first that there is no even a single scene for John..so why they missed him..i think it is to much...2ndly there is bike chesing in this film..i think they didnt see the film properly.
So go & watch the movie and feel the rythme of DHOOM 2