3.5 Very Good

Dhoom 2

Watching Dhoom2 is an experience all right, but for those who like to watch movies with a little depth, this is not right! Dhoom2 has action sequences bigger, better and more "Hollywood like" than its prequel and as an entertainer it is surely much more hard hitting. Technically also, the movie leaves the original far behind. But as a reviewer or a critic, there is not much I can analyse in the story Department but I`ll try, Hrithik is
"the perfect thief" whom nobody can catch and its up to our Jai Dixit and Ali Akbar to chase him down, but Mr.A is too smart for them. Thats about it, what follows is a sequence of several attempts by the police to nab Mr.A and as many failures. In fact Jai Dixit catches up with only after MrA the thief has died and Aryan the lover is happily running a small restaurant with Sunehri, his lady love. Even then he is not arrested because he hands over everything he had stolen. Sorry to give away the ending but I dont think anyone is expecting a story anyways.
The movie has raises a lot of questions. For example, 1)Mr.A uses hi-tech gadgetry for his heists the likes of which are seen only in Bond movies, but if he doesnt sell the stuff he steals, how does he fund them?2) Sunehri who is actually a rat for the police, could easily have handed over Mr.A anytime she wanted, what were she and Jai waiting for, the climax? 3) Mr.A is a ultra modern, hi-tech international thief. How come the responsibility of catching Mr.A has been thrown upon 2 cops from Mumbai Police, shouldnt Interpol be laeding the case? And most importantly, why did Abhishek agree to do this film since its all about 3 people-Mr.A, Aryan and Hrithik Roshan.
Its obvious that a film which is meant only to be an entertainer and rest on Dance and Action for the entertainment, could only rest on Hrithik Roshan coz right now he is the best in these departments. THe movie is all about the villain and not the heroes. Unlike in the first movie, here the "story" delves deep into details of Hrithiks character and all thats Good about the film are the stunts and dance and thats all taken care of by Hrithik. Even as far as acting is concerned, the script has only one scene which allows histrionics and its the confrontation scene between Hrithik and Ash. For the rest of the film noone has any acting to do. Screen time,Character importance, Action sequences and Dances. Director Sanjay Gadhvi is very partial and gives most if not all of it to Hrithik. Why in this stage of is career would Abhishek do this film? Uday and Bipasha have even less to do in the film, almost nothing, but dont worry, one doesnt miss them. Bipasha`s overt exposure maybe.
The real surprise of the movie is Ash`s first on screen kiss,I think all adults will agree what she had with Vivek in Kyun Ho gaya Naa cant be called a kiss! The surprise is that in a film starring Ash`s real life Romeo Abhi, the lucky lips for the kiss belong to Hrithik and not Abhishek. Poor Abhishek! Sanjay Gadhvi left him high and dry! As far as looks are concerned, everybody looks good except Uday Chopra. He is downright ugly. And for God`s sake Abhi get rid of that beard. I know without it you dont look as tough but its getting old.
The action sequences alone would make you feel like your money hasnt been wasted! All in all, the movie is bound to be a hit because of the hype around it and as in the Promos, the film is also all about Hrithik and a lil of Ash.
It doesnt help that the director and the script also leave the heroes with very little USPs and with that added advantage Hrithik blows away any competetion. But to be fair, in those few scenes were Hrithik and Abhishek do share screen space, Abhi does his best to hold his ground and the effort shows.But if Abhishek has to move on into the 35 crore league like Hrithik, he has to do more solo hero films because dont forget, there is no solo hero hit under his belt. He surely has the capability as he has shown in Sarkar and he has to stop getting hits with other heroes or his father.