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Dhoom 2

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I watched the film last night!...Was too lazy to write a review-I know that that sounds
very cliched but really, I was tired!

Okie, back to D2!..First of all, the hall was hardly 45% full!...Quite shocking indeed as it was
a Sunday afternoon!...But not tyo worry as the 8 p.m show in another cinema seemed PACKED!

Before watching the movie, I was sure that I was gonna love this one A LOT and that it would
certainly feature in my TOP 5 list of movie this year!!..How could I not?..After all, the FIRST few
reviews I read were positive, espcially Taran's review :rolleyes: !!...So, my expectations were
sky high, and I guess I was not the only one!...Sadly, I was disappopinted with the movie!
Taran- Please don't mind, but you are the WORST critic EVER!...First Rang De Basanti, Malaamal
Weekly, 36 China Town, Omkara, Don (where you gave low ratings) and afterwards Fanaa,
Phir Hera Pheri and now DHOOM II where the ratings were simply NONSENSICAL? ...I am verryy
open minded and of course I wouldn't mind anyone liking a movie which I did not love but the
fact is that D2 has MANY FLAWS and bechaara Taran ignored ALL OF THEM!..Thats not all, in fact,
the unjustified flaws which he inculuded in his BnB & Don reviews were bigger, larger and worse
in D2!Anywayz....let's move on...

Before anybody draws any knid of conclusion, let me say that i was a HUGE fan of DHOOM!!....
And also that Abhishek, Hrithik, Ash & Bips all feature in my TOP 10 list of favourite actors N
actresses...So where does Dhoom 2 falter?

Music: Definitely YES!
Performances: Not really..
Action: No way!
Direction: BIG YES!
Pace: YES/NO

The music of Dhoom was definitely ROCKING and among the BEST ALBUMS of 2004 and Dhoom
II'smusic is (overall) PATHETIC and among the WORST ALBUMS of 2006!...How sarcastic! :P

[b]Dhoom Again:[/b] Hrithik was BREATHTAKING and danced EXTREMELY well!..Hatts off, he is the
BEST dancer EVER!!..And yes, athough the song is nowhere with Dhoom Machale, it is surprisingly
theBEST song from the album! :shrug:

[b]Crazy Kya Re:[/b] Nice song too, compared to the others!...ASh looked N danced well!

[b]Touch me:[/b] Phheeuuuu.......Strictly AVREAGE to Annoying song!...WTH Abhishek?...Make up your
mind MAN!.Do you love your wife or wanna 'touch' Bips??...OK, I made up my mind.....ANNOYING!

THe last song with the whole cast was ho hum!...Hrithik was the saving grace!

[b]My name is Ali:[/b] HATTS OFFF!!..Pritam and the singer (whoever he is), take a bow!!!!!!
You guys have composed the ULTIMATE WORST SONG OF THE YEAR! :help: :help: HORROBLE!!
:tearhair: Yes, I'm using a 'tearhair' smiley as I really wanted to do the same!..The singer was
AWFUL!...His voice was shaky and the song made NO sense AT ALL!..The melody was 'HELPPP'!

[u][b]Direction[/b][/u] was another HUGE letdown!...How I wished someone more capable
handled D2!..The final result would have been FAR better! Yes, there were some BRILLANTLY executed
secnes like: [color=#FFFFFF]Ash N Hrithik scene with a gun and both shooting one another[/color], but
then there was an INCREDIBLY large number of HOPELESS scenes!

[color=#FF0000][b]SPOILERS AHEAD!![/b][/color]

First of all, how the hell does Hrithik comes flying in the air in THE FIRST scene itself??..There was NO helicopter, but yet he seems to have jumped from something!..That got to be the biggest joke in the
year2006!...Also, bikes N boats flying-Puhleez!!! :nono: ...complete NO NO!

Thats not all, if you thought the robbery scenes were shown way too easy in Bunty aur Babli, then watch
out for DHOOM II! :lol: ...If things really happened like this, then thiefs would be the richess persons
on earth!!!....Come on Mr the Director, show some maturity!

How on earth can anyone steal a diamond so easily?...I'm talking when Mr A painted himself in
white to steal the diamond in the museum...Incredibly stupid scene!... A small toy-car-like machine
is 'travelling' all round the room and yet NO one notices it!...Not over, it even literally stretches its hand
and grabs the diamond and NO ONE SEES that! Mind you, there were 10 policemen around that diamond ...Now thats too much!!...The directot must have taken us for fools!..I can definitely leave my
brain at home while watching a comedy but not for a movie like DHOOM!

And yes, how the hell does Hrithik leave the museum and disgiuse himself?...Thats just TOO MUCH!!...
Even though in BNB the robbery scenes were not so stylishly executed but at least they were quite logical!...Here,
MOST of them were ILLOGICAL! :rolleyes:

Some more loopholes....

The climax is DEFINITELY Among the worsts EVER!.,..I was expecting something spectacular and ended

The cliff scene was also HELL STUPID!...I think it needs no explanation!

Another letdoen was the Aryan-Sunehri love story!...It was so sudden but still the Hrithik-Ash chemistry
compensates for it!! :hug:

[color=#FF0000][b]END OF SPOILERS!![/b][/color]

Technically, the film is GREAT!!...The special effects were AWESOME and the action BRILLANT!!
The film is stylish to the core!!!...Sadly, Dhoom II is HIGH on style but low on content...

As for the performances,...

Lemme just say that its nothing award winning!...PLZZ....dont hate/curse me....

[b]Hrithik:[/b] He did look DASHING all through the movie and is easily the BEST performer out of
the lot!! But the thing is that he was not evil enough!...His expressions were to die for!!..But, yes
there's a BUT,...he is NOWHERE with Saif in OMKARA!!

[b]Abhishek:[/b] Copy paste from Dhoom! :P He was good...Nthing special!

[b]Ashwarya:[/b] I actually found her HELL-[b]LIKE[/b] irritating initially and in a couple of scenes!..
Especially when she spoke in English!...Also, I HATED her 'KHooolll' :pissed: But she looked damn
SEXY!!!...Khals: I cant believe you found Asj at her BEST in D2!?! :eek: ...As for me, a strictly
ho hum performance!

[b]Uday:[/b] Funny in parts!!

[b]Bipaisha: [/b] Another letdown!!!...NonO not her!!...In fact, she looked GORGEOUS both as Monali N
Shonali and performed WAY better than ASH!!...Actually, this is the second BEST performance in the
film after Duggu!!...The negative thing is that despite the fact that she played her part very well,
her role WAS NOT AT ALL needed!!...Esp, Shonali's part!..Useless! :useless:

[b]Rimii:[/b] WAKE UP GURL!...you were good, but then?!...

Overall, my review does sound negative and as though I hated it but NO....the fact is that I was really expecting MUCH more...!...The movie definitely did entertain me and on the whole, I quite liked it!
Had the movie been better havdled and all those flaws been removed , D2 would definitely have got
a 9+ rating!...BUT for now, D2 gets 2 stars!...
Not at all award winning!