1.5 Average

Dhoom 2

Dhoom is not as good as I thought it will be.Its a movie with something missing at evry point whether it be in terms of casting in terms of acting interms plot or anything you take.

They managed with the content so badly or we can there was no content at all in the movie.
All I didi in threater is sleeping or gossiping with friends while watching the movie.There is no chemistry between any of the character in the movie while a little exception in case of Hrithik and Ash bcause there was something between them at few scenes.It was not able to keep my interest in any of its scenes.

considering it with DHOOM its nowhere. In Dhoom there was chemistry between every character which lacks here.
While considering music Dhoom Again, is good crazy is also good. Rest is ok.
Backgroud score is TOOOOOOOOOOO good

These days,Movies like this are discoraging me to watch hindi movies.SO film makers be alert next time while making movies especially .... makers of DHOOM 2.

Lets not talk of business I donot know why this movie is ............... .

Ali's [Uday Chopra] and ACP Jai Dixit's [Abhishek Bachchan] are forcefully inserted int he movie movie donot need them.
Aryan aka Mr. A [Hrithik Roshan]. A hi-tech international thief. A person using usless technies I donot know whether makers ever thought of the technical errors they are inserting in the movie.
ACP Shonali Bose [Bipasha Basu], no use of this character same usless.
Sunehri [Aishwarya Rai], a petty yet clever thief. Nothing for then overacting she did.

Rio,Brazil is fantastic place.

Lets talk of the first scene it was picturized in a very bad mannner the first series of events spoiled my mood. I waited for this movies a lot.

One Bipasha was usless then why they took another one.
The two best scenes of the movie are
1.the revolver sequence between Hrithik and Ash 2.the lip-to-lip kiss
after these scenes the movie was impossible to deal with I was half sleepy.NO one can guess from where that helicopter appeared

The dialogue between Hrithik and Ash espcially when they met first the sequence followed after that they talk all the usless thing they can talk about poor dialouges
Please guys atleast wok outsomethign before showing some technical things.

Ash is looking too good.
And Bipasha was also looking hot at some places.

Abhishek first of all learn acting if cannot please workout on your screen appearance. Movies is for entertainment donot fear us.