5 Excellent

WOW! He is a superb model and now a terrific terrific terrific actor. He is the future of Indian Cinema!!! I am glad he choose Dhokha as his debut film. Whatever the film has collected at the BO is 80% because of Muzamil n his popularity and 20% beacuse of the Bhatt brand name. Wish they had promoted the film well though I know Muzamil tried his best to promote the film hmself. Havent missed any of his television appearances that he has done to promote the film. Hats off to him! Also wish he had his own voice in the film though many r not aware of his voice so it must have been okay for them to take that voice as it is but I am aware of his voice and his voice is pretty decent and I don’t see a reason why he wasn’t allowed to go ahead with his own voice. Pooja Bhatt eeekkkksss she's done the biggest mistake of her life by not promoting Dhokha. The film is nice and 10000 times better than her Paap and 1000000000 times better than her Holiday. She has done a good job as a director though I hate to admit it after what I have been hearing in her interviews, after whatever rubbish she has said about Muzamil. Anyways his work speaks a lot and his future is bright. Waiting to see more of him in future. Being a well wisher and a huge fan now I'd want to wish him all the best! Cheers to Muzamil Ibrahim!