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Characters:   Byomkesh Bakshy: Sushant Singh Rajput Rude. Arrogant. Charming. Genius. Byomkesh Bakshy is a man everyone loves to hate. A habitual non-conformist, Byomkesh is forever trying to make sense of the world around him. He cares for nothing else but truth; once found and he loses interest. It is



Byomkesh Bakshy: Sushant Singh Rajput
Rude. Arrogant. Charming. Genius. Byomkesh Bakshy is a man everyone loves to hate. A habitual non-conformist, Byomkesh is forever trying to make sense of the world around him. He cares for nothing else but truth; once found and he loses interest. It is the pursuit, the hunt which interests him. Byomkesh has almost photographic memory, and does not let go of a mystery until he has solved it for himself. Currently obsessed with his first case - the disappearance of a genius chemist.

He is short of two things in life - friends & love. While working on the case, Byomkesh becomes friends with Ajit Bannerjee, and their friendship grows to be legendary. The other lacunae in his life, love, is fulfilled by Satyawati, a woman who is an equal match to him in intelligence, character & strength.

Ajit Banerjee: Anand Tiwari
Pursuing MA in Bangla Literature from Vidyasadan College. An aspiring writer, and a body-builder by hobby. Son of the genius chemist Bhuban Banerjee, who has suddenly gone missing.

Satyawati: Divya Menon
The sister of Sukumar and niece to Gajanan Sikdar. The only one in the house who can stop uncle & nephew from jumping at each other's throats. She is young, quiet, demure - yet one can clearly see her sharp intelligence and strong will.

Anguri Devi: Swastika Mukherjee
Heartthrob of Bengal. Her films fan riots on the opening weekend. When she sheds on tear on screen, rivers flow on the street. When she dies, her fans slit their wrists. When she sings, hearts break. Her face launches everything from beauty soaps to diamond jewellery. Her politically connected lover Gajanan Sikdar backs her with influence and money. Yet why do they say that she does tragic roles best?

Dr. Anukul Guha: Neeraj Kabi
The philanthrophic homeopath and the owner/manager of Mahamaya Boarding House. He runs the boarding house like clockwork, has each boarders needs at his fingertips, helps the poor with free medicine, and is the only one who commands the respect of the rather arrogant new boarder Byomkesh Bakshy.

DCDD Wilkie: Mark Bennington
One of the sharpest Detectives to ever sit in Lalbazar. No one can figure him out. Some hate him for his ruthlessness. But many say he loves Calcutta. He is known to disguise himself and walk freely through the dangerous neighbourhoods to keep up with the latest. But ever since the biggest shipment of Opium to land in Calcutta from Shanghai disappeared mysteriously from the riverside - he is a very worried man.

Kanai Dao: Meiyang Chang
The Chinese opium trader (licensed) who found his home among the Bengalis at Mahamaya Lodge, loves fish curry, speaks Bangla fluently and has even changed his chinese name! He is on the lookout for someone called Cheng Ling. Cheng Ling who?

Dr Watanabe: Takanori Kikuchi
The mysterious Japanese dentist residing in a tony apartment in white town. He could pull your teeth out with a pair of pliers, but he prefers practicing with a sword after lunch.

Gajanan Sikdar: Dr Kaushik Ghosh
Legislative Council member from the Amar Bengal Party that has shot to prominence suddenly in the last three years. No one knows how he in such short time he became so rich, politically powerful, and the special man in the life of the silver screen heartthrob Anguri Devi! Rumor has it that though in public he bays for the British Government's blood, actually he is hand in glove with them.

Sukumar Ghosh: Shivam
Nephew of Gajanan Sikdar. Young, firebrand leader of the new Jai Bengal Party, which split from Gajanan Sikdar's Amar Bengal Party a few weeks ago. Sukumar doesn't lose a single opportunity to heap scorn at his uncle's character and his political compromises. Clearly, all is not well in the family!

Puntiram: Pradipto Kumar Chakraborty
Without him mahamaya boarding house will stop functioning. He cooks, cleans, serves, dusts and knows the perfect recipe for Byomkesh's potato fries.

Ashwin Babu: Arindol Bagchi
The mournful, lost ex roommate of Bhuban Banerjee. he has not been the same since Bhuban Babu went missing. Cant sleep at night and keeps asking for for Bhuban Babu's trademark paan masala he used to love having every day when Bhuban was around.

Prafulla Rai: Anindya Banerjee
Insurance agent and the local wit at Mahamaya Boarding Lodge. He thinks he knows it all but does not have any proof!


Calcutta 1943 a War... a Mystery... and a Detective...
Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! is based on the early exploits of India's first true-blue detective, created by Bengali bestseller writer Saradindu Bandyopadhyay. Directed by Dibakar Banerjee, the film is set in the Second World War torn Calcutta during the 1940s and follows the first adventure of Byomkesh Bakshy, fresh out of college, as he pits himself against an evil genius who is out to destroy the world. Using his wits against the most villainous arch criminal the world has seen, in a world of murder, international political intrigue and seduction.

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