3 Good

Chance Pe Dance

"Now c'mon, I know this film has no such strong script but inspite of it, can you say it's bad all the way? Then how can you say "Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani" is a good film? Good Storyline, Strong Script, Much money used - this is not all. Direction & Acting naam ka kuch to hai yaar." Actually these are the words you can use if you get into a fight with anybody on "Is CPD bad or good?"

Trully saying, there is no such good script, a kind of common story, ok-shokay music, very good direction and awesome acting & choreography. Dancing in this movie is fantastically shown and in a new style. But those emotional scenes, romantic scenes, comedy scenes are kind of old styled. But one thing is praisable which is Shahid-Genelia Chemistry. I have never seen such good chemistry of them with other actress(with Shahid) or actor(with Genelia). This new On-Screen Jodi is very cute and they look dashing together(Just like Ranbir-Katrina in Ajab).

STORY : Sameer(Shahid), a cute, sweet, ambitious boy comes to Mumbai for search of a Chance. 3 years later, he actually gets the chance but... Bad Luck. In this journey he falls in love with Tina(Genelia) and after that he comes to final chance, where he has to dance. Then.... Happy Ending - "SAM! SAM! SAM! He's So Cute". But the thing is "If you want to reach to any goal, you will have to try, work and have faith in yourself." - That's the message sent by this movie.

DIRECTION : With a not-so-good script, The film is coolly handled by it's well direction. Obviously it saves the film very much from saying it BAD.

ACTING : That's Another major point of this movie. Shahid is always Cool, Dashing, Cute and Good. Here he is the same. Genelia is very good too. It's like she was made for this role. Both of them look highly cute and together they are stunner.

MUSIC : Not bad. As a dance album this is cool. But not very satisfying. Still "Just Do It", "Pump It Up", "Pal Mein Hi", "Pe Pe Pepein" are damn good tracks.

Verdict : It's a good movie all the way. Not dissapointing but a little bit you may feel unsatisfied. Overall,watch this movie for spectacular dance and great chemistry between Shahid-Genelia.

Rating -
Acting - 7.5/10
Direction - 6.5/10
Screenplay - 4.5/10
Music - 5/10
Technique - 6/10