5 Excellent

Chak De India

Since the day it release reading various website to know much more about chak de, Many critics reviews, many user review,interviews and after reading other gossips, I am already excited. and finally got an opportunity to see CHAK DE INDIA,
MY JOYS BLOW NO BOUND COZ FROM THE FIRST FRAME TILL THE LAST SCENE I GLUED TO MY SEAT EYES STUCK TO SCREEN emotions,enthusiasm,patrorism,Fun, laugh and finally tears I feel during that past 2.40 hrs
Its really a movie whose interest you will realise as you watch it

Finally if u compare SRK with his past 47 films,u find presence of SHAH RUKH KHAN a star is always there in all his movies BUT in this case All CredIt to SHIMIT AMIN he represent not SRK but KABIR KHAN (EX Capt of Indian Hockey Team, coach Indian hockey team) in this movie

Great Movie With Fine perfomances specially SRK