3.5 Very Good

Cash is now out and in just two words, its mind blowing.

The special this is Aysha Takia doing a special apperence in the film. The film started and is in the narration mood, when Zayed travel from Cape Town to Rome in flight and he met Ayshea there and the plane has only 2 passanger. Zayed tell a story to Ayshea.

Yes, the story line is as shown in promos, all about the diamond, but not only one. There are three diamonds there. The story sat to earlier 18 century and the British take that diamonds to Britain and the diamonds lost in the ocean. After a year, they were seen in the Museum.

The first 45 minutes seemed to go slowly to introduced the caracters , but that was the introduction of real mazza. The cape town story thiriller, the wonderful cop(Shamita Sheety) who love to a writer (Ajay Devgan) but she doesn’t know that he is the thief, DOC.

The films also start Dia Mirza and Sunil Sheety who was in jail before fives years in the case of diamonds.Then they start to join Dia And Ajay who called up Zayed and Hritesh for the robary. Esha loves with Hritesh.

Cash is a mind blowing Action, stylish and the film take your attention till the end. While the interval start with the betrayed characters.

As the director, Mr. Shina is superbe. But the script should be better. But all the minus points gone when you seen the real action.

Songs: Cash title song appear in the start of movie while mind blowing Mahiya and Naa puucho are the best to hear. Sexy is at the ends of the films.

Actions sequences are mind Blowing as in the filmi style. Cash is not the Dhoom II but similar to be in its style. But the comedy is also mind Blowing There. And the animations of all the character is the right idea.

Performances, Ajay(4/5) is the wonderful while Sunil Sheety(2.5/5) is ok in His place. Hritesh takes(4.5) all the credits and Zayed(4/5) is also wonderful. Leading ladies, Shamita Shetty(3.5/5) done a Hat Trick. This is second Dhoom for Esha(4/5), the really Sexy one. Dia Mirza(3.5/5) is more and more better with her films.

On the whole, Cash made a mark to bollywood. ***1/2 for Cash out of *****.