0.5 Poor

CASH!!! When the year 2007 ends and the best and the worse are taken in to account, I am positive Cash will be one of the disasters of the year 2007. The movie has nothing to offer. There are sequences in the movie which has no explanation. It is not even a laugh ton where u leave your thinking caps at home. Too much time is wasted on introducing the character what they can do and what they cannot?? And can any one please tell me what the Santa joke all about was?? Acting, every one was pretty OK except Zayed Khan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Esha Deol, Dia mirza. The director has lost it, as I have mentioned before there are sequences which u don’t understand why they are in the movie, the screenplay sucks, the script sucks. Anubhav Sinha need to take direction classes you cant even imagine that the movie comes from the director of "TUM BIN" and you don’t want to. The movie is very stylish but that’s it!!! My suggestion go and Watch “Gandhi My father” rather than wasting your CASH.