4.5 Excellent

Bahubali – The Beginning

Despite recent advances in graphics and animation technologies, Indian movies rarely matched up in terms of perfection in presentation on an epic scale. I appreciate the guts of the producers of Bahubali in supporting SS Rajamouli the director in making his script a reality. The graphics and stunts, especially the war scenes were fantastic, realistic and hard hitting! Proud that these are made in India and hope it inspires a new breed of producers to shell out hard cash for the sake of perfection. Bahubali proves that the audience appreciates perfection and will not let you down at the box office.
The casting and the acting was amazing. Starting with Ramya Krishnan, Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Nazar etc the entire cast fit into their role perfectly and gave a stellar performance. But the actor that really stole the show was Sathyaraj!!! I didnt realize it was him till half way through the movie!!!! The actors that didnt impress me much were Rohini and Tamannah. Tamannah somehow lacked the punch to carry an action role on her shoulders and would have worked better in the role of a damsel in distress.
Sabu Cyril - the art director from Kerala (of Yoddha fame) deserves special mention in erecting a grandiose set to match the epic panorama. He brings to life an era of Indian history with panache! Never before has this era been recreated with such authenticity and imagination. No, not in the Mahabharathas or the Ramayans of the Doordarshan glory days. Not in the other historicals that we have seen being shelled out from Bollywood. Hats off to Sabu Cyril.
The war scenes were not a rip off from Hollywood. It was spiced with original Indian guile and tricks bringing an authentic touch to it. The way the two princes led their troops to attack the enemy was a sight for sore eyes. The villains appeared menacing and original. Loved the sound of their evil fictional toungue!!! lol!
The music of the movie was good. Hummable songs.
Finally, most of the accolades fall at the feet of the director - S.S.Rajamouli. Since the days of the epic Magadheera, I have been his fan. But this time he pulls off a magnum opus.