1.5 Average

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Yashraj banner seem to be in a slumber or probably they have started taken audience for granted. It is a surprise, definitely not a pleasant one, to get disappointed from the movies by Yashraj banner. Yashraj banner which was another name for dreamy romantic movies is now turning into a disappointment. If it doesn’t improve the quality of movies then it would be really sad for their fans.

This is a movie which is based on heart-breaks. A concept which is quite new and innovative but then again nothing is more bad than a good concept being wasted. Same is the case with BAH. Concept has been tore apart by the director and the script writer. Adding to it the performances by the actors further worsened the case.

The concept of the movie is quite impressive and had huge potential but it was all spoiled by the director. The movie revolved around theme of heart-breaks. It tried to portray the after-effects of heart-breaks, the impact it has on the broken heart. Heart-breaks were not shown diligently and emotionally.

The movie involved breaking the hearts 3 times - Mahi’s by Raj, Radhika’s by Raj, Raj’s by Gayatri; But we could not see or feel any pain.
The movie involved falling in love 5 times - Mahi for Raj, Radhika for Raj, Raj for Gayatri, Mahi for her husband, Gayatri for Raj; But sadly, neither of these could make us feel chemistry or romantizisation.

It is such a beautiful concept that I felt like intervening and improvising the movie.

No one could deliver a powerful performance. But they are not to be blamed as the movie itself didn’t have much scope for them to show their talent. So, rather than discarding them as actors I would say that there is a long way for these actors. They have got lots of talent and all they need is to be bit careful while choosing the movies.

Music of the movie is another good point. With the music already on the circuits before the release of the movie, huge expectations were set with the movie. But it let us all down, the movie not the music.
All the songs of the movie are hummable, peppy, and melodious.

Avoid this movie. It has nothing at all to offer besides heart-break.