4 Very Good

Bachna Ae Haseeno

This was a very maturally handled movie. Ranbir exceeded everyone's expectations, and Bipasha defnitely did prove everyone wrong that she's not just a pretty face, specially the first time they showed her character, she was shown to be a normal young mumbaite. Minisha was a character who seemed so real and adorable. You could see her as another girl you'd see on the streets. Deepika...I have no words, she impressed me totally, after OSO, this was defnitely the ideal role for her, since she was able to show her normal qualities. The whole story was something you don't agree with it at the beginning, but then gradually as everything follows on, you realise what Ranbir felt at each point in his life. Undoubtedly Siddharth has tried his magic again, and hopefully succeeded.