1.5 Average

Taran Adarsh is very generous in saying that “Director Anil Sharma handles the emotional sequences brilliantly. In fact, a number of scenes bear the stamp of a solid storyteller.” After all anil sharma did say a story that wasn’t half bad .however going as far as to say that “The choreography of these sequences [in the boxing ring] is so real that it can be off-putting as well, especially for the faint-hearted.” Please! If you want realism I suggest movies such as Cinderella man, million dollar baby and of course the all time classic the rocky series. Even tough the time gap between rocky 1 and apne is of decades the fight sequences is so badly managed and further superimposed industry masala that I feel anil sharam looses the over exaggerated creditability that he has gained as film maker. I truly expected much more being a big dharma ji fan
On the whole the movie is ok and you won’t be screaming for your money back