3.5 Very Good

Apna Sapna Money Money

2005 was a year of comedies.2006 is the year of many genres,but comedies made their presence felt this year too with "maalamal weekly" and "phir hera pheri". Now we have ASMM with the winning team of Sangeeth Siwan and Ritesh Deshmukh(kya kool hain hum).This movie is definitely a fun ride, if not a laugh riot.Sure one can assume that u haven't disproved KKHH, because quite obviously the movie is full of scantily clothed ladies and plenty of adult jokes. So leave your inhibitions at home and enjoy this pakka timepass movie.
As for the story, it is plain simple.We are having about 10-12 characters straight out of a priyadarshan's movie.There is a stupid bankrupt don(jackie shroff)who is awaiting his diamonds worth 50 crores from india, and the job is assigned to sania(celina jaitley), who is trying to stay away from the not-so-clever eyes of inspector na-maane(suniel shetty). There is a motor mechanic arjun(talpade), who is in love with next door salwar kameez clad ria sen(yes!that's true),whose father is tired of arjun's dog running away with his puja ka lota.Then there is koena mitra, well what she is doing here? She is the cut paste substitute of lara dutta from "insaan". the only difference here is she gets the hero here.Now when arjun is bereft of every weapon to tackle shastri, he calls for his chichora, i mean chachera bhai kishan(ritesh deshmukh),who is trying to run away from kookri gang and their leader (chankey pandey- in a nepali get-up) and whenhe comes to mumbai............................................

Well when he comes the movie is really started and within 5 minutes we know that we had done no mistake by coming to this movie.Ritesh from that point single handedly carries the movies on his shoulders and since this time he hasn't been given a koppikar to match, he even transforms himself into an heroine too, and i must tell you he looked hilariously beautiful. Oh i forgot to tell you about the story. Well more and more characters join the movie and in the climax it's is simply a priyan style bhamgam-bhaag. Between those 2.20 hours, there are many KKHH type jokes, some forgettable songs and of course a lot of entertainment.
At last if you are not a cynic, go for this movie, you will like it,and even if you are a cynic watch it for ritesh, because this junior chiefminister has done a fantastic job and it needs to be applauded.