5 Excellent

Apna Asmaan is a good movie made by Kaushik Roy.Taran should have thought twice before giving his comments on this movie.Looks like today's viewers are used to watch those movies which has got some item songs and some sexy actresses and feel they should not waste money on seeing a movie which has no item songs or are made of a serious theme.Irfan does it again after his role in Life In A Metro and The Namesake.He has done a good job of a father Ravi who after his work starts drinking to show his guilt of dropping Buddhi,their abnormal son when he was a baby.Sobhana who plays Padmini who rather than encouraging Buddhi that he can become a good artist one day tells him to learn arithmetic so that he can become an engineer or doctor is good.Rajat as Dr.Sen who is rocking in his role of a doctor who tells Padmini that she should accept the way Buddhi is rather than changing him and trying to make him an engineer or doctor.Anupam as Dr.Satya is good as the fraud doctor who tries to use his 'Brain Booster' on Buddhi on the insistence of Ravi so that Buddhi can become normal.Dhruv as Buddhi who at first is an abnormal child but becomes quite negative when he acts like a normal child and doesn't recognise his parents,relatives or friends.