4 Very Good

I loved the movie!
Enjoyed the songs!!
Didn’t mind the OTT thingy!!!
And quite liked the special effects!!!!!
What I didn’t quite like are AB’s locks & the curly portion bit…. But otherwise his hairstyle looked great at some other places - like in the song “Make A Wish”, and towards the climax - in the white suit!
Also, somewhat of a let down was the ‘finishing points’ of some of the special effects…. Sujoy, or maybe the editor, couldn’t quite achieve what could have been a world-class SFX…
Case in point are when AB tackles the 4-5 goons of SD for the first time…. Scenes finished off quite abruptly…. The impact of SFX makes a mark when scenes STAY with you…. here they ended instantly…. Some SloMo could have done wonders.
Also, AB’s entry was a disappointment for me…. The build-up starts wonderfully, but is not capitalized fully…. The smoke thing builds-up the expectation, but AB’s entry is not synchronized with it…. He should have been ‘formed’ from the smoke into a Genie at ONE GO… but the frame changes and AB materializes as if from somewhere else….
But but but…. apart from such silly nick-nacks, the movie works for me!
LOVED Aby in the songs MAKE A WISH and YOU’RE THE ONE!!!!!
He is ABsolutely AMAZING in these!!!!!
I feel “You’re the one” should have been capitalized upon more…. AB just flows with the song…. his mannerisms GEL with the wordings….. He becomes kind of like a conductor of a philharmonic symphony…. This should have gone on & on & on….. He should have started dancing with Jacquline…. and enter a fantasy world of his own…. and enter into the realms of I don’t know what…. but this song should not have ended!
Make A Wish Rap is SUPERB!!!! In fact, THIS should have been the AB’s intro song….
The climax actions are pretty cool & HOT! AB steals the show in his white suit and his get up and with his energy!!!!
I would have given AB a different attire than these embroidered coats…. His magician-look from Toofan comes to mind as a suitable thing for a genie…. Also, his french beard has become very monotonous…. Sujoy should have given him some kind of a beard-lock of a chinese peasant or something…
Jasmine is pretty and does justice to her part.
SD is good at times, but even boring at places.
Kasim has been given too much screen time.
Riteish…. well, as the ‘central’ character, although he does his best, but I think we lose out on the STAR-POWER with him…. A Shahid Kapoor could have changed the whole equation of the movie…!!! IMO, Riteish is the weakest link here.
And I want to criticize the bloody critics!
They have ben VERY VERY VERY unfair with the reviews!
The movie DESERVES at least a one-time-dekko - if not for anything than for AB’s screen presence and for the never-before SFX in Hindi movies! And also for the brilliant sets, especially the Khwaish town & the university..!!!
All in all, definitely one of the better movies to come out in quite some time, and also one of AB’s more entertaining ones!
Sujoy and Nikhil -
It was a painstaking work, and it shows!
It was conceived as a dream, and it is realized!
It may not be a milestone, but it sure as hell will show others the path!
As an AB fan, I am both happy & disappointed.
Happy because the movie is full-on entertainment!
Disappointed because it could have been much better!!!