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AK 47 Movie Review

AK 47 Movie Rating

When you have a title like AK 47, you know what to expect from the film: Action and loads of action. That's what AK 47 delivers!

Rudra Pratap [Audhitya Singh] lives in Varanasi with his parents and sister. He is in love with Sardar Amarjeet Singh's daughter Shweta [Sheetal Bhavishi]. During his college days, Rudra had strongly protested against the dirty politics indulged in by students, due to which his father [Shivaji Satam] is transferred from Varanasi to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, they meet Commissioner Yashwant Sinha [Om Puri], who is a metaphor of fear for Mumbai mafia and international terrorists like Dadua [Ashish Vidyarthi].

The story takes a turn when Rudra's classmate Anand introduces Irfan and Arun to Rudra and in some way, these two lads manage to stay under the roof of Rudra for one week.

But the two lads are not students, but terrorists. They assassinate the Commissioner and the entire blame for shielding the terrorists falls on Rudra's shoulders. He is crestfallen, but he doesn't lose hope. He decides to take the evil-doers to task.

The story of AK 47 isn't new. In fact, a storyline like this has been witnessed umpteen number of times on the Hindi screen before. Laced with action [in abundance], all you get to see are guns, bullets, dons, cops, politicians, blood and gore.

AK 47 grips you intermittently. But thanks to an oft-repeated plot, the impact of even an above average scene gets diluted. And that's because the emphasis is on action mainly. By the time the film reaches the climax, you know exactly what's going to be the culmination of this revenge saga.

Raam Shetty's direction relies on an oft-repeated plot. Even otherwise, barring a couple of skillfully executed sequences, the outcome is plain mediocre.

K.K. Singh's dialogues are sharp at times. Action [Raam Shetty] follows the same pattern that has been witnessed in films of this genre. Music [Sajid-Wajid] is functional, with the Meghna Naidu song being the best track.

Audhitya Singh does a decent job, though he looks better in action sequences. Sheetal Bavishi is alright. The film has a horde of character actors - Om Puri, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Shivaji Satam, Mohan Joshi and Kiran Kumar - but it is Om Puri who towers above all.

Ashish Vidyarthi is competent. Sadashiv Amrapurkar is passable. Shivaji Satam, Mohan Joshi and Kiran Kumar are adequate. Deep Dhillon and Rima are fair.

On the whole, AK 47 is an ordinary fare. At the box-office, it has some scope at small centres mainly.

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