3 Good


Ahankaar is a good movie that has a typical 80s family storyline. The best thing about this movie is the most underrated song in Bollywood of all time. If you have not heard this song yet then please look for it and hear it for yourself. Tere Andar meri Jaan is a fabulous lovely song sang by Udit Nayaran and Alka Yagnik. Anyway the movie is a pretty decent fare and worth the watch. Mithun delivers a good performance and suits his role. Mamta was a unusual choice for this movie, but she did a pretty good job. Aroona Irani is one of Bollywoods vamps but in the 90s she did mother roles and this is a good example of her good work. The supporting cast were average to good. This movie is recommended by me the film genius so go and watch it.