3 Good


AGNEEPATH - If dis wuld hav been jus another regular masala muvi.. it might hav clicked... But taking on a cult film like 'Agneepath' is more like running towards a moving train..
Dis version results in sum one-sided comparisons like:
-Big B vs Hrithik (though hrithik ws gud wid his expressions.. but failed to carry d burden of a heavy name like 'Vijay Dinanath Chauhan'.. even though it is a loss-loss situation for any actor, but i think only Ajay Devgan wuld hav been a risk worth taking for dis one)..
-Danny vs Sanjay Dutt (sanju baba luked dangerous.. bt he is too cute to b hated)..
-Kader Khan vs Piyush Mishra (d dialogues lacks d intensity)..
-Mukul Anand vs Karan Malhotra ( bcoz of a lacklustre screenplay, d audience might fail to relate with d classic characters... unlike d original version, where even today v culd remember small characters like d mad Tinu Anand, even after a decade)..
Thankfully Mithun's character was not repeated.. n luckily dre ws Rishi Kapoor's character (sumthin to luk out for)..
Chameli adds spark.. jus wat Munni did for Dabang..
Awl in awl d intention ws gud.. but d makers took d wrong PATH.. d AgneePATH !!