3.5 Very Good


Definitely Worth a Watch is what can be said about Priyadarshan's latest fare AAKROSH.
It is really warming to see Indian Directors also trying something new in the films and deviating from the normal Rona Dhona and those routine love Songs.
An issue based cinema like AAKROSH had to be handled with utmost care and flair direction wise.
Think Priyan has really tried well to turn AAKROSH into a really entertaining and Thought Provoking film.
Ajay and Akshay has performed their parts superbly.
The corrupt Cast including Paresh Rawal and company are just perfect.
AAKROSH is a film not to be missed because of the following.
1) The Actors Performances.
2) Tight Direction.
3) Good Dialogues.

Go watch AAKROSH and enjoy it.
Overall Worth a Watch!!.