4 Very Good


Movie at its best. It has taken the issue of Honor Killing seriously and portrayed in the movies is close as you can get. Movie is well directed written and above all justifiable to what is called honor killing is wrong in every way. It is bad for the society and it tell us that no matter how big our country gets, due to certain narrow mind people they will keep dividing the society and as well as it will let down our country's name.
Movie is above all must watch movie. Every one who ever loved some one who doesn't belong to your society and consider to be lower grade ppl and also for those who are in love with different society beings stand by your love and fight these injustice and cruelty that is brought upon us by few A** Holes, who thinks they are way better than anyone else in this world.

Due to its contents i will recommend this movie and give it a 4Start (****).