4 Very Good

Aaja Nachle

After a debacle year for yash raj films ,with JBJ and LCMD and TRRP doing only average.....they have come out with a fantastic .... AAJA NACHLE

This film is supremely entertaining and also evokes lots of emotions among you . Its very very touching and yet it is able to convey message without any drama or 'rona dhona '

The songs are not very bad .....songs such as SHOW ME YOUR JALWA AND AAJA NACHLE REALLY MAKE YOU WANT TO DANCE.

The dialogues are the main aspect of this film......they are wonderful.WHO CARES FROM WHERE SHE GOT THE MONEY TO DO STAGE SHOWS?

Thwe film is tryiong to convey message , which it has done beautifuly.

MADHURI DIXIT , IS OUTSTANDING ( AS ALWAYS) .Madhuri is followed soon by Konkona who has given an extremely excellent performance.
kunal , ranvir , vinay ,etc are also excellent.

special mention should be given to divya dutta and sushmita mukherjee and akshay khannaas they have enacted their parts extremely well.

cinematography was also excellent.Moreover , the right actors have been chosen to potray the right characters.

Overall , it an enjoyable and loveable family film.