3.5 Very Good

8×10 Tasveer

Ok the guy who wrote the music review for Bollywood Hungama, Joginder Tuteja, has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

I want to start off with Bohemia and the "I Got the Picture" Track! India is waking up to good hip hop and rap and this song is a perfect example. I love the lyrics ("Aadmi hai khilona duniya ke khel mein")! It has a very catchy beat and the deep voiced Bohemia resonates in the background making this song ravishing to hear over and over!

Next up is "Nazaara Hai." With Vishal Dadlani's fresh raw voice behind the mic and it is a representation of India waking up to rock music as well. The guitar solo in this track is exquisite, heart pumping, and the SFX just add to the euphoria exhibited by this song. Vishal Dadlani has carried this song out with a lot of passion and is a song that shouldn't be forgotten in a while. Although this isn't putting the song down in anyway, I just wanted to tell all of you who didn't realize: The bunch of girls saying "haaan" in the background is the exact same as the girls do in the background of "Fashion Ka Jalwa" from "Fashion."

Ok, here is where I would admit the album lets you down a little:

"Haafiz Khuda" and "Kuch is Tarah" are the exact same tune with different lyrics ("Haafiz Khuda" has better lyrics). The feel and tune is very similar to Salim-Sulaiman's "Kuch Khaas", especially with Mohit Chahuhan behind the mic. But it is soothing in the ears, so one can hear it once in a while if they can keep the fact out of their minds that these tracks are no original.

"Aaja Mahi!" Yes, it sounds to be exactly like "Kuch is Tarah" and "Haafiz Khuda" because of the feel but its not. The tune is very nice and sort of different and Neeraj Shridhar adds a good flavor to the song. Overall very refreshing, soulful, and fine song. I especially how they come down in the mukhda with "dekhe tujhe raat bhar." Excellent finish.

Finally, the remixes. I'm just gonna group these together and say that they are peppy, nice to the ears, and the remixes of the slow songs are a lot like "Khuda Jaane Remix" from "Bachchna Ae Haseeno" which I personally liked very much. Special mention the "I Got Picture (Remix)." Very fast and very catchy and will very soon find its place on the top ten charts!