4 Very Good

7 Khoon Maaf

A "DARLING" Soundtrack

Hype came when Theatrical trailers arrived at screens. Most expected movie of Priyanka Chopra showed once again hope for another masterpiece like FASHION. We listened DARLING in the trailer and later it's telecast-ed. It can be easily said that Darling's the first finest pieces we have heard in 2011 and so on expectations aroused for another mind blowing Vishal Bharadwaj album like "Kaminey", "Ishqiya" or "Omkara".

Carrying a Spanish feel in heart, DARLING's all set to burn the charts this moment. The two phenomenal female voices of Rekha Bharadwaj & Usha Uthup have just made the fire spread away to most far position. A spectacular composition and catchy lyrics by Gulzar have done a splendid job. "Darling" is the song of the moment. If Darling's slowed up in tempo at times and new lyrics have been added to it to make it a bit more beautiful, then you got a similar song to it that even has a nice title, DOOSRI DARLING. "The Darling series" has surely benefited the whole album.

To describe Sussana's romance with a muslim poet, BEKARAAN can be said the perfect choice of song. Strongly close to "MADHNO" from "LAMHAA", Bekaraan has a sweet & calm rhythm that can easily bind you in its spell. Sweet vocal by Vishal Bharadwaj himself, he has easily succeeded in composing a beautiful romantic number.

We see K.K. in a complete new avatar in O MAMA, a pulsar romantic track. With Rocking composition & catchy lyrics like "Sar Ko Aksar Nochta Hai Dil Mera", "Ek Meow Si Ladki", the song sounds even more better. On the whole, O Mama is far far successful to create a super impact on listeners and has K.K. written all oevr it as the reason for it's sensation.

With a Sufi Feeling in it, AWAARA makes arrival in the soundtrack and Vishal Bharadwaj has made the right desicion to choose Master Saleem as the vocalist as he is a perfectionist in these kind of tracks. Awaara has a melancholy strain in it and might be used in the background of any scene in the movie. Allover, it's purely a situational number that is quite impressive.

Pure & melodious romanticism enters the list when TERE LIYE, the most impressive song of the album enters. It surely carries the theme of Sussana in it under the magical vocal of Suresh Wadkar. Impressive & touchy lyrics by Gulzar are just the icing on the cake. After a long period, Suresh Wadkar delivers such a splendid song, Thanks to Vishal Bharadwaj. Will remind you about another sweet masterpiece "AB MUJHE KOI" from "ISHQIYA" by Vishal himself.

Suraj Jagan, the most rocking singer today whose throat has no limits to scream. If you are planning to compose a wild & acid based song, then you will have to make it sung by him. DIL DIL HAI purely signifies any live performance in the whole movie and Vishal has wisely appointed Suraj in it. A wild, completely rocking, full of electric guitars, drums and beats, this 185 minutes long track will impress young listeners most.

At last arrives a calm and strange track, YESHU that is sung by Rekha Bharadwaj. If you have heard "BADI DHEERE JALI" from "ISHQIYA", then you will find much similarity in both of them. Allover, a fair listen.

Vishal Bharadwaj albums always signify different tastes in a single dish and 7 Khoon Maaf is not different from it. 7 Khoon Maaf has ability to be another musical success in Priyanka & Vishal both's filmography. Delivered, as expected. We Hope Vishal Bharadwaj does justice with Ruskin Bond's "Sussana's Seven Husbands" in his movie. Final Word? Not 1, Not 2, Not Even 3, 4 Stars Maaf For the music of 7 Khoon Maaf.