4 Very Good


13B is not horror, but a perfect edge-of-the-seat thriller! It has become ceremonial that atleast 1 or 2 'Multiplex' movies makes it big. 13B may have slipped at the box-office, but the movie is nothing less than splendid... This is one of the best paranorm / thriller bollywood has ever seen. On the horror quotient, it makes it a notch or two below Varma's BHOOT, which is arguably one of the best offerings of bollywood. But for the concept and the treatment, 13B gets a perfect 5! This is typical cinema one can enjoywith family. Not too much gore, but scares you here and there. But more than the fear, the suspense is what keeps the movie going. I definitely want to challeneg Mr.Taran Adarsh's rating system. Just read the review and compare it to the 1.5 that it has been rated, A TOTAL MISMATCH!!! People, 13B is cool and that's a verdict. Go for it with family, and you don't need to worry of kids having sleepless nights for a week (BHOOT did that to me).
Madhavan does ample justice to his role as a well-settled civil engineer who has bought a new flat along with his brother. The starcast is great too.